Courage and Cappucinos

Courage and Cappucinos

She takes off her beanie, shakes her hair out and scuttles into the cozy and inviting coffee shop. Oh, she is ever so thankful that this treat, having a cappuccino in a coffee shop, is back in her life after all the lockdown madness and rules. As she makes her way towards the counter to place her order, something catches her eye. Something out of the ordinary. Something beautiful.

 Her cappuccino cup is empty, apart from those last few drops that always contain a bit of coffee grind. The beanie she needs to keep her hair under some control, has disappeared – it is not on the table, not in her coat pocket… Whilst looking for her elusive beanie, that thing, once again grabs her attention.

 On the floor! Beanie in hand, she summons all her courage because she wants to know if that starry nebula is a special laptop sticker or if it comes out like that.

 Determined and with almost all her courage summoned (just a bit remained cowering in a corner of her introvert heart), she walks over to his table.

“Excuse me, I am really sorry to disturb you.”

He looks up and a frown spreads over his forehead, it is a deep furrow above his eyebrows.

“Eish, this was a mistake,” she thinks to herself but seeing that she has already disturbed him, she might as well push through.

“I love the nebula protective case on your laptop. It looks amazing! Is it a special sticker or something?”

 He looks at the messy brown hair, the frown disappears slowly.

“Firstly, the Starry Sky Nebula is the case that protects my Macbook. Secondly, it's not any protective case, its a Designer Protective case - a Zoodle Case. And finally, it is a Macbook not a laptop, huge difference. Sit, I’ll buy you another coffee and we can go over the technicalities.”