Keep your Macbook squeaky clean

Keep your Macbook squeaky clean

It’s the day and age where we cannot socialise without carrying our precious technology with us, whether is our iPhone, iPad or Macbook. When we have a precious 30 minutes alone in our favourite coffee shop, out comes the Macbook Air or Touch. It travels with us everywhere and is part of our life.

How many places has it been? How many surfaces did it embrace and how many unaware customers in the coffee shop breathed their fresh latte breath over your Macbook? It’s time for elbow grease and to give your Macbook a good clean with these easy steps.


  1. Safety first – ensure you switch off your Macbook and unplug the electric supply.
  2. You do not need to remove your precious Zoodle Macbook Protective Case you bought every time, but every now and then, remove the case for deep-clean time.
  3. Always use a soft cloth like a microfiber cloth that can pick up any small piece of dust that may be stuck to unsuspecting crevices like your keyboard.
  4. You can use specialized cleaner, or you could opt to just use some water to gently make your cloth damp – do not spray cleaning product directly on your Macbook but rather spray the cloth.
  5. Wipe down your whole Macbook gently, from top to bottom including the keyboard. If you have a Macbook case or skin on, you can wipe this down as well since it is made of durable material that would not get damaged, providing you water or just a gentle cleanser.
  6. For especially dirty grimy areas, you can use a disinfectant wipe (careful not to use bleach that can damage your Macbook or even remove the letters from your keyboard.
  7. Follow my personal tip a clean your screen with a tiny bit of window cleaner sprayed on your dry microfiber cloth. Use circle motion to ensure there is no wipe-down marks left when you are finished.
  8. Finally wipe your Macbook down with a dry cloth one last time (use a try part of your microfiber cloth).


If you are like me, whether intentional or not, your Macbook often finds itself amidst your breakfast, lunch and/or dinner and countless cups of cappuccinos and bottles of water. Inevitably spill and messes occur. Do ensure you clean your Macbook regularly, especially in the day and age of COVID-19.


Protecting your screen and laptop with a screen protector and a Macbook case will also give additional protection, especially against scratches and bumps. And why not? A Zoodle Macbook Protective Case also gives you a bit of a conversation opener in your favourite coffee shop when you take out your amazing colored marble case!