As toddlers we love to fit in with our friends. As teenagers we long to blend in, to fade, even disappear into the crowd and to morph into this unit that is bigger than ourselves. As we venture into maturity this change - we want to be unique. We want to be recognized as one of a kind. Exceptional.

 This uniqueness is created in various ways.

There is a huge variety of clothes when you walk into any clothes shop. With this variety they hope to cater for different sizes, styles and likes – the styles and likes will be where your uniqueness comes in. I know of many people who buy clothes and then alter them at home, giving it that individualised twist.

It is time to upgrade your old laptop. Now the question is: will you opt for the super stylish looking Macbook in rose gold, the functional Acer laptop or the trendy Lenovo laptop that bends like my ex-yoga instructor?

Will you wear a scarf with this outfit or a beany or both? What tie will work the best here – the skinny modern one or the throwback one with the Periodic table you inherited from grandpa?

 You get my point?

 So many options, so many choices every day. We are given this magnitude of choices in these modern times we live because we created the market for it – we want to be unique and so do the Joneses. And the great news is, there is nothing wrong with that!

Enjoy your quest in expressing your individual, exceptional personality.

Now your uniqueness can even be expressed by the look of your laptop or watch strap. Yes, you can accessorise your Macbook with a funky or stylish protective hard case and your smartwatch can step it up a notch with an individualised strap ranging from steel to silicon, from nylon to leather.