About Us

We are a bunch of creative Mac-addicts who love the Apple brand, but love even more to be unique, be ourselves and be recognised by our individuality even when it comes to our techie-gadgets, our labels, our clothes, our shoes and our facial hair-styles. Yes, in all aspects we stand out, as it should be. Why blend in and try and be like everybody else?

In 2019 we expanded our range of brands due to popular demand and now also stock Garmin, Fitbit and Samsung with more brands to follow.

Born out of a dream from our founder, we started in 2017 in Somerset West (South Africa), scouting the world for the best and most unique Mac accessories that we both identify with and that accentuate what we believe our brand stands for. We specialise in Macbook cases, but are slowly expanding into other related ranges like iPhone covers, stands watch straps and other yet to be revealed game-changers. So watch this space and be ready to be awed.