What Macbook Model do I have?

Please make sure you order the correct Case for your Macbook. It may sound very obvious but they are different and only the correct model is guaranteed to fit on your Macbook Case. On every product page for Macbook cases or related accessories, there is a Model Type dropdown box when you can select the appropriate model to ensure we send you the correct product size. If you realise you ordered the wrong model, it is important not to open the product. Contact us immediately at sales@zoodle.co.za. 

You can find the Model number on the back of your Macbook.

If you are unsure how to find the model number, you can alternatively follow the below instructions to find the model number:

1) Find your serial number.  Link

2) Enter the serial number here. Link

Important - Refer to our Returns Policy page for information in case you ordered the wrong product. 

Current Macbook Models
Macbook Model Name on Website Compatible Model Nrs
MacBook Air 13" (Oct 2018 and later) A1932,A2179,A2337 (M1)
Macbook Air 13" (pre Oct 2018) A1237, A1304, A1369, A1466
Pro 13" Touch/Non Touch (2016 or later) A1706,A1708,A1989,A2159,A2251,A2289,A2338 (M1)
Pro 15" Touch (2016 or later) A1707,A1990
Macbook Pro Touch 16" (New 2019) A2141
Older Macbook Models (Limited Availability)
Macbook Model Name on Website Compatible Model Nrs
Macbook Pro 15"  (Pre-2012) Unibody A1286
Macbook Pro 13"  (Pre-2012) Unibody A1278
Macbook Retina Pro 13" (A1425,A1502) A1425, A1502
Macbook Retina Pro 15" (A1398) A1398
Not Stocked or very limited
Macbook Model Name on Website Compatible Model Nrs
Macbook Air 11" A1370, A1465
12" Model A1534